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If you think training is very important to keep up with the changing market, then read on.

In PNG our Tranining Road Map on the free training programs are constantly being upgraded to keep up with the current market conditions.

The market had changed drastically from a simple buy/sell/rent agent to value adding agent. Today’s market is extremely dynamic and you have to position yourself in this industry, and to stay relevant in the market, in addition to reaching out to clients.  You have to share and educate your clients with facts and figures.

In PNG our training programs will equipped you to be able to share and educate your clients, with the  objective to add value to their property portfolio. You will do research in order to present detail analysis, complete with calculations, with facts and figures.

Many of our team mates had mastered the knowledge, and had renamed their designation on their name card such as:

  • Asset Builder
  • Asset Strategist
  • Real Estate Strategist
  • Wealth Creator
  • And many others

All PNG training programs are free, you pay $30 to $50 for the notes and rental of training rooms. All our trainers are top producers in their respective expertise. Best part, there is no tie-up, ie, you can leave PropNex anytime, if you so decides.


Our PNG Training Road Map (TRM) is designed where our members, after going through the following 3 topics, a must, will be confident to conduct presentation to their clients and to add value to their asset portfolio.

  • PowerUp Plus (PUP)
  • Power Selling Techniques (PST)
  • Power Financial Presentation (PFP)


  • PowerUP HDB (PUH)
  • Power Landed Sales (PLS)
  • Power Project Sales (PPS)


  • Power Sales Bootcamp
  • Power Leadership Mastery
  • Power Leadershership Development

If you need any of the above training or your current agency do not provide such trainings, let’s meet up for me to share more indepth, strictly no obligation.

William Goh
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William Goh
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