Feng Shui Tips

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Feng Shui Tips

Readers are advised to exercise discretion when reading these fengshui tips and use it strictly as a guide only. No responsibility can be accepted for any losses or inconveniences caused as the result of applying or implementing any of the fengshui tips herewith, to your circumstances. The tips and any examples mentioned herein serve strictly as a guide only.

Feng Shui, a Chinese term in which the character .”feng” (meaning wind) and “shui” (meaning water) combine, is he ancient Chinese art of placement: a form of metaphysical science that has neither religious nor superstitious inclinations.

The roots of Feng Shui are traceable to the classsic “I-Ching” (book of changes).

The principle of Feng Shui  deals with balance between the negative (yin) and the positive (yang) forces of nature. Originally known as Kan Yu, Feng Shui is about man achieving peaceful and harmonious existence in his physical environment.

For thousands of years, the Chinese have recognised that certain aspects of human lives seem to be under the influence of external forces; forces that are not yet fully understood by the common man. The earth’s gravity, electromagnetic fields, and its surroundings constellations affect human actions in some ways. The study of Feng Shui helps us to understand this aspect of universal forces, allowing us to understand man’s place among the forces of nature, fine tune the course of our existence, and eventually leave us in tune with our environment, rather than against it.

Your position yourself to take advantage of beneficial energies around you, and to adjust your surroundings to eliminate or disperse negative energy.

Effective Feng Shui cannot be “ready made”. The best results require a highly personal approach. A consultation of the occupants’ birth date and observation of the Chi structure of the premise.

Feng Shui recommendations (like furniture layout, colour scheme, elemental cures or enhancers where appropriate) are provided to maximise the potential of the premises to empower the occupants.

Being wealth isn’t just about money. It’s also about happiness, health and we all-being.

Good Feng Shui can enhance your family’s health,  peace and harmony.

At the workplace, Feng Shui can create an environment that is conducive for better concentration and improved performance. Obvious benefits which follow as a matter of consequence are promotions and better income.

Good Feng Shui can improve your well-being. Do your know that many illness are caused by stress? When you a living Index a clean, hygienic environment, you can tap into you beneficial “Chi” cycle, have better health and interpersonal relationships and communicate better.

Chi or natural energy, is the basis on which Feng Shui acts. Sheng Chi is the positive force, also referred to as the dragon’s cosmic breath, while Sha Chi, the negative force, is the “killing breath” or “poison arrows”. Using Feng Shui, we maximise the effects of good Chi and minimise those of bad Chi.

Chi is everywhere in the environment, how we respond, whether we are sad or happy, the food we eat, whether it’s hot or cold. It involves the energies around us. Chi can be weak or strong, harmful or beneficial.

Harmful chi is known as Sha Chi or “killing forces”. The presence of Sha Chi make us feel uncomfortable

Sha Chi, example 1:
When two tall buildings stand close to each other, the separation forms a narrow slit, funellng strong winds towards the house opposite. If your house faces this slit, you are subjected to the undesirable energy, Sha Chi.

Sha Chi, example 2:
The formation of the roads is like a drawn bow aimed at the building. This strong Sha Chi is deterimental and an cause loss of wealth, illness, conflicts and bad luck.

Sha Chi, example 3:
The edge of two adjacent walls or the corner of a rectangular block produces Cha Chi. It hurts whatever it points at.

Sheng Chi represents the beneficial of Chi. When we are in the presence of Sheng Chi, we feel the vibrant energies of life.

Sheng Chi, example:
Tall trees at the back of the house symbolises mountain that gives you the support or backing.

Water is generally good in front of the building which brings wealth.

These are inauspicious stars. You can face the Three Killings but not sit with them. They are like robbers. You should be wary of them. If the Three Killings are disturbed, it brings loss of money, accidents and calamities.

Year of the… Rabit, Sheep, Pig = Location of the 3 killings: West
Monkey, Rat, Dragon: South
Tiger, Horse, Dog: North
Ox, Snake, Rooster: East

In Feng Shui, we believe nature works in the principles of Yin and Yang, and the Five Elements.

The Five Elements – jin, mu, shui, buo and tu (metal, wood, water, fire and earth) come together to create a successful Feng Shui living or working environment.

Water: Fish tank, water fountain;
Wood: Trees, plants, flowers (not artificial ones);
Fire: Lamp, electrical appliances, burners, candles:
Earth: Earthenware, pottery, ceramic sculptures, crystals, rocks, pebbles;
Metal: Metal sculptures, decorative metal displays, metal pendulum clocks, metal wind chimes, metal bells.

Living room should have at least ONE solid wall and this wall should preferably be directly facing the main door into the living room. This allows the “Chi” to flow into the living room, instead of escaping through the windows that may have been placed directly opposite the main door.

Happy family portraits
Hang a large family portrait in the living or family room is an effective method of creating a sense of family togetherness.
Every member of the family should be included in the portrait.
To symbolise happiness, every family member should be smiling.

Avoid having three persons in a picture
Having three persons in a picture is not recommended for friendship, it was believe that it will cause conflict or separation  between those in the picture. The one in the middle would be separated from the two at the sides.

On the other hand, if the three persons in the picture are family members, it does no harm. Indeed happy family portraits spell excellent feng shui.  The best feng shui for three persons family portrait is to arrange it in a traingle manner, with the most important person at the apex of the triangle.

Things to note when hanging family portraits
Never hang family portraits directly facing toilet, the front door, the staircase or facing an inauspicious direction. Also never hand family portraits in the basement

Stereo & hi fi equipment will bring extra good luck to the house when placed against the West wall of the living room, creating the potential for huge good fortunes.

In Feng Shui, mirrors can be great energies OR they can create big disasters.  In the dining and living rooms, mirrors are excellent.  Mirror on the North side of the dining room will “double” the food of the family. Placing in the North energies the essence of protection for the household’s livelihood, assuring the family of continued well being. It does not guarantee wealth and riches but it ensures the family will never be lack of sustenance.

Disaster:  Mirrors are major taboo in the bedroom.  Here mirrors caused havoc in a couple’s marriage and love life. Mirrors are often responsible for the entree of third parties into an otherwise good relationship. If you must have mirror in your bedroom, keep them closed, or covered during the hours of sleep, and on no account let the mirror reflect the bed. No mirrors on the ceiling please.

Mirrors should not face the main door as it can absorb negative energies into the house. It should not face the bed as this causes body ache, restless sleep and bad dreams. Do not use cracked mirrors.

Always make sure your dressing table mirror must not face the bed directly which will creates bad fengshui and will bring you grief.

A mirror facing the bed often cause a happy marriage turn sour. You could suffer from problems cause by the entrance of one or more third party coming into your relationship.

I you presently have a mirror facing your bed, you should cover it at night with a cloth or reposition your dressing table.

Chinese shopkeepers are fervent believers of placing large wall mirrors inside their shops. This not only double the products on display, thereby signifying the prosperity of a well-stocked shop. The mirrors also creates massive doses of yang energy because it doubles all activity within the shop. Mirrors do wonderful things for business income when it reflects the cash register. This literally symbolises a doubling of turnover.

To activate good fengshui inside the house is to keep some gold fishes in an acquarium.
Keep 9 goldfishes, 8 golden and 1 black in color.
Do not fret if any gold fish should die. Just replenish it.
When the gold fish die, it is believe that it has absorbed some back luck that was meant for the resident inside the house.

Do not keep goldfish in the following locations:
– bedroom
– toilets
– kitchens

When keeping goldfish in the bedroom, as you could suffer some material loss, you could end up being burgled or robbed.

Keep all water features in the living room or outside the house.

The main entrance to a house is like a mouth of a person. A person cannot be healthy unless the food he consumes is nutritious. If a person eats bad food or drinks dirty water, disease will soon attach him.  If the main door of a house admits bad energy, the house is sick. A sick house must be cured. We need a good doctor to prescribe the right medicine to cure a sick person. A sick house needs a competence “house” doctor – a proficient Feng Shui practitioner.

  1. The main door should be in a good sector facing a good direction.
  2. The door should not be positioned right under any ceiling beam.

1. Hide unpleasant view from a window with plants.
2. Check that your furniture placements do not obstruct the path from your main door.
3. Your living area should be on the same level ground as your main door.
4. Hide sharp corners of the room with plants.
5. Hide odd corners with plants to make the room look rectangular in shape.
6. Avoid having overhead beams.
7. Have a good lighting.
8. Ensure that there is no blockage as you enter the home.
9. There should be no direct path from door to door, or door to window. Chi is lost because the direct path cannot keep the in the home.

The dining room should not be seen directly from the front door. Otherwise, the house may lose wealth. It should not be placed in a sunken area of the house. I should always be on a higher or equal level as the living room.  If there is multi level in the house, the dining room should be on the higher level. If the house have too many split levels, you will suffer severe bad luck during astrologically bad times. It will affect the family patriarch most. Your bedrooms should be at the topmost floor.

If you have 2 dining rooms, each at different level, the family should eat at the higher of the two.

The dining table should preferably be round or oval, signifying harmony and unity and the dining room should be well lit.

A mirror in the dining area is believed to double up the food.

Dining room should not be located next to the bedroom. It will creates great deal of unsettling “Chi” to both the rooms.

If the toilet is located on one of the wall, keep the toilet door closed at all times.  It is unlucky to have toilet too near the dining table.

It is disrespectful to place an altar facing the dining table.

Mirrors in the bedroom
Mirrors possess a special form of energy.
Mirrors creates energy which will disturb the relationship of the sleeping couple.
Mirrors placed in the bedroom can do a great deal of harm.
Mirrors should not place directly facing the bed which will cause the breakdown of marriages.
Cabinet or cupboard with many mirrors should NOT be placed in the bedroom.

Electrical Appliances
Such appliances such as TV, hi-fi sets, etc, have negative health effects on the occupants sleeping in the room. To have a good restful sleep, you should minimize the use of such gadgets and ensure that they are switched off and the gadgets set covered when you are asleep.

Separate mattress
A double bed with two mattresses is very bad for marriage. It will cause the couple to eventually separate.

A beam directly above the bed
A beam directly above the bed symbolically splits the bed into two. Try to move bed out from directly under the beam. If this is not possible, try to create a false ceiling to “cover up” the beam.

Bed lies between two doors or windows
Bed lies between two doors that creates an imaginary line that ‘cuts’ the bed into two. You should either move the bed or place a screen to block out one of the doors.

Bed faces the direct path of the door, or between two windows, you will be more prone to nightmares.

Bed facing the toilet
Having to face the toilet door when you sleep could affect you. However, if due to space constraint, if you may have no other choice, keep the toilet door closed at all times. and if possible, implement the element of wood (bamboo blinds) between your bed and the toilet to absorb the Sha Chi.

Fans and aircondition in bedroom
Do not have the bed face the fan or the air conditioner because it can cause respiratory problem in the long run. In the short term, the child is more likely to catch chills or colds often.

Bed under the window (good)
If sleeping with the window directly above your bed is auspicious, by all means do so. Just use a thicker curtains, drapes or blinds to act as support when you sleep.

Avoid sleeping with the head nor the feet pointed directly towards the room door.
This is because the corpse is placed this way prior to the funeral. This is very excellent for the dead but is deadly for the living.

Attached toilet/ensuite
Make sure the room door and the toilet door is not aligned in a straight line, ie. standing from the room door you see the toilet door directly. If that happens, placed a screen or cabinet to block off on of the doors.

Odd Shape Room
The occupant tends to be short tempered and quarrelsome and may encounter bad luck. Try to make the the shape of the room as a regular square or rectangular by putting custom made cabinets to “hide” the sharp corners.

Death Position
Do not position your bed in the direct path of the door with your legs pointing towards it. This is often known as the “death” or “coffin” position. You should be positioned away from the direct path of the Chi, which causes health issues and dream-filled sleep. To solve this problem, reposition your bed or put up a partition (or curtain) at the foot of the bed. But make sure you sleep facing your auspicious directions.

1. Put the study table in the position and direction of one’s Fu Wei (Personal growth).
2. If the study table is placed next to the window, there should be  no tree or heavy traffic on the road near it as these cause distraction.
3. A table lamp is preferred to a ceiling light. It helps the child to focus on his work.
4. In some children bedroom furniture, a study is build under a bunk bed. This is not suitable. The child will feel “oppressed” by the small space and will not concentrate well.
5. Bookcases should have doors. Open shelves act as ‘blades”, sending Sha Chi into the environment, again causing loss in concentration, body aches and fatigue.
6. Generally, cool pastel (Cobroke Chat grp)lo (Cobroke Chat grp)ll colours are best for children’s room. Avoid strong vibrant colours that can affect a child’s mental development.
7. Attics do not make good bedrooms or studies because of their low and sloping ceilings. If the occupant sits or sleeps at the end of the slope, he or she is likely to get headache.
8. If possible, try not to position the study desk beside or in the direct path of the door as this affects concentration.
9. The air (Cobroke Chat grp)directly condition or fan should not face the child’s study area directly. This cause health issues.
10. Put away fierce or unpleasant looking figurines and toys. Remove any swords, weapons or violent looking posters. These can give the child nightmares.

You can help your child’s studies to improve by changing your child’s study seating position. Please table below:

Paint Colours Of The Room
Based on the elements of the room, the colours used must correspond or complement the energies in the room.

Element – Water: Colour Black, blue, grey.
Earth – Brown, Yellow, beige
Wood – Green
Metal – White, gold, silver, bronze
Fire – Red, orange, purple, Pink violet

A sloping ceiling creates an imbalance of energy. A low ceiling oppresses the Chi and causes stress (solution: paint it white or with light pastel colours to give the illusion of space and height.

Beams over the bed can cause health problems and separation. Beams that cross the threshold cut the Chi and block your fortune (solution: create a false ceiling to hide the beam). Beams if over the sofa, move the sofa away.

1. Always locate the kitchen in the inner half of the home.
2. Never let the kitchen too near the front door.
3. Kitchen are better locate on the left than on the right of the home.  This keeps the white tiger under control.
4. Avoid having back door located in the kitchen.
5. Avoid mirrors or mirror tiles in the kitchen. These can cause severe misfortune to befall the family.
6. Having a beam above the stove can cause financial problems.
7. Do not place sharp objects such as knives, or scissors and insecticides or detergents under the stove.
8. A rubbish chute below the stove is. taboo.
9. The stove should not face water position, that is a fridge, a wash basin or a washing basin. It should be placed at least one foot away from the water position.
10. The stove should not face a toilet, if so, keep the toilet door close at all times.

Should not be located in the Northwest of the kitchen. This creates the vastly unlucky situation of having a fire at haven’s gate. The outcome of this arrangement is either that your house will burn to the ground OR you will suffer severe financial loss.

The stove should not be placed next to the sink, the refrigerator or the washing machine as it will create a clash between the fire and the water elements. It will cause quarrels and misunderstandings in the family. Also, it will be worse if the stove and water structure or appliances are directly opposite each other since this will be the confrontational mode.

Lastly, kitchen must have at least a window. Windowless kitchens not only impractical but will creates bad fengshui.

Some locations are not suitable for home or building. It will have adverse effect on its occupants leading to poor health, loss of money, etc.  An eight-sided trigram or Pakua mirror should be use to advert such situations.

Straight road or paths directly facing your entrance is bad. T-junction, headlights of oncoming vehicles can disturb the sleep of the occupants. If the house or buildings with roads on both sides, the occupants can get mentally disturbed and develop sleeping problems.

Poison arrows or Sha Chi are emitted from corners of the rooftops of neighbouring buiding. When your home is near a railway track or highway, choose to be on the side where the track or highway “embraces” the building.

If your unit is at the end of a long corridor, hang a wind chime outside the door to slow down the Strong straight path of Chi. Alternatively place a screen inside the door to deflect the strong Chi.

A bright hall brings great good fortune
The bright hall of fengshui is a super important feature to try to arrange for your home. Always select a house that face a playing field. With empty land Index front of you, there is NO way you will not become prosperous. And if you have a landed house with a garden, you MUST make sure that you orientate your door to open out into the garden. Keep the garden empty of trees and to many plants. Small low level shrubs are fine but not plants that grow too tall.

House facing T-junction
Not a good site because spirits travel in a straight line and will inhabit into such home or building. The home or building will take the brunt of negative whiplash created when motor vehicles are turning at such junctions.

Trees in front
If there are trees directly infront of the home or building, this is symbolic of joss sticks on the alter and in the same way, the occupants become the “sacrifice lamp”.

Hill in front
A high mount or hill in front of the house or building represent obstacles for the occupants resulting in unable to prosper in business. The hill will also obstruct or block the flow of the “chi” into the house or building.

Police Station
House or building facing the police station will bring bad luck as the bad vibes given off by the presence of criminals or wrongdoers being brought into the police station will adversely affect the well beings of the occupants of the home or building.

House or building facing a temple is not good because the spirits can be found hanging around the temples.  Also, people who goes to the temple to pray are mostly down and out. The bad vibes that they give off will affect the occuplant of the house or building.

Prison, Hospital & Cemetery
House or building facing prison, hospital & cemetery is not favourable for its occupants.

Smell from rubbish bin/s
Giant rubbish bin/s in front of the house or building will give off bad ‘chi’ or smell thus bringing bad luck to its occupants

Bus stop 
As the shape of the bus stop sign looks like an axe, hence the occupants of the house or building is like having to face an axe daily.

Auspicious numbers are numbers that end with:

1; 6; 7; 9 and 9

All these 5 numbers are very lucky but number 8 seems to be the most popular simply because it sounds like “phat” which means prosperous growth in Chinese.

No 9 is regarded as the premier number by most fengshui masters because it signifies the fullness of heaven and earth. The number 9 never changes no matter how many times it is multiplied by itself. 9 times anything leads to 9…thus 9 x 3 = 27 and 2+7 = 9 and so on…

The numbers 1, 6 and 8 together, in any order is regarded as a most splendid combination representing enormous good luck, while number 7 is lucky because it is the number that represents this period. It will cease being a lucky number by year 2003, after which 8 becomes the number of the next period, i.e. between 2003 to 2004. It is for this reason that 8 is regarded with such favour because it represents both current and future prosperity.

The number 4 is extremely unpopular because it is considered the death number simply because it sounds like “die”. For many people however the number 4 has brought tremendous good luck! In fengshui, the number 2 and 3 together is considered a hugely bad combination leading to misunderstandings that lead to severe problems. But worse than that is the dreaded number 5. When the 5 appears Index fengshui it brings huge problems.

Numbers have fengshui implications on career and business success. There are individual lucky and unlucky numbers, and Chinese businessmen are most particular about the numbers of their phones, address, car plates, including bank account numbers. They will never allow the critical numbers of their commercial life to have what they deem unlucky numbers.

Number 8 is widely regarded by Chinese as a universally lucky number. The fengshui explanation is given is that phonetically is sounds like “growth with prosperity”. Much of fengshui symbolism is based on the sould of the symbol used. There are tycoons in Hong Kong who happily part with a cool million dollars for the previlage of having the single number 8 on the car plate.

Phone numbers, credit card numbers and bank account numbers, Chinese also like to end it with number 8 as they believe that this brings good fortune to their financial accounts. Whe the number is prefixed with 6, 7 8 or 9, the luck is regarded to have doubled.

In addition to no 8, other lucky numbers are 1, 6 and 9. Prefixed with a 4, these numbers become ever luckier.

Number 9 is especially superior since 9 added to itself to infinity still becomes 9. Thus 9 multiplied by any number of times, and reduced to a single number always becomes 9 again. 9 represents the fullest of heaven and earth.

The other lucky number is 7 because this is the period of 7.

Number 13 is not considered unlucky but number 14 is.

The most unlucky number, accourding to the Chinese is number 4 because it sounds like “death” in many dialects. Thus any series of numbers that ends with 4 is a major taboo.  The unlucky number based on flying stars fengshui the number 5 and 2, also number 2 and 3 together.  Some people regard 2 as a good number which means easy in Chinese.

Tie 3 coins (those with hole at the coin) with red thread and put them in every handbag you carries, in the pocket compartment or a small wallet. This symbolises a never ending source of income. It will be even more auspicious when the coins have been expertly tied into never ending auspicious knots.


Piles of files should be higher on the left than the right (from your sitting position).

Calculators & computers:
All office equipments such ad calculators & computers  should be placed on the right of your desk but ensure that there is something higher on the left of your desk. This is to ensure the energies of the dragon prevail over the tiger.

Place lamp in the South will energises your good name and reputation. It is one of the most excellent methods of creating a solid reputation within your company, and your business community.

All cleaning material, brooms, pans and trash bins are deemed to symbolize bad luck and must be kept out of sight, especially the main door. The presence of booms in the vicinity sweeps out all your good fortune.

Trash bins should be covered and kept out of sight or place it under your table where it is not visible from the main door.


Solid Doors
Doors should be solid and firm to be auspicious and should be large enough to comfortably accomodate the occupants of the room.

Glass panel doors
A door with glass panel is not recommended.

Sliding doors
Avoid sliding doors. Doors should always be open inwards to be auspicious.


Below Toilet
It will be harmful if you are sitting directly below the toilet of the floor above you and you should move your table away from where the toilet bowl is situated.

Beside Toilet
It will be harmful if the back of your seat share the same wall where the toilet bowl is situated, unless the toilet bowl is on the opposit of the wall or your back is on the opposit of the wall where the toilet bowl is situated.

Doors behind your desk
Never sit with the door behind your desk, your sitting position. If you do, you will be betrayed. Also, you must not sit facing the door directly.
A great deal of good feng shui is about being defensive and watching your behind. This is to make certain you do not get stabbed at the back or are caught unaware in a difficult position.

Windows behind your desk
Never sit with the windows behind your desk, your sitting position, unless the windows is facing another building that can act as a firm support for you.

Bookcase behind your desk
Never sit with open bookcase behind your desk, your sitting position, that have open shelves. These shelves act as blades cutting into your back.

When you design your shop layout, be mindful of these 3 important excellent feng shui tips:

  1. You should let the shop door open into a small empty space where there are no cabinets, screens or furniture to block the chi entering your shop.
  2. You should select shapes for your display cabinets according to the corners where they are placed, making sure that you do not position any cabinet or table with the sharp edge pointed at the door entrance.
  3. If you want customers to actually buy your products once you have succeeded in enticing them in, you must design a traffic flow within the shop that meanders rather than move in straight lines. A meandering traffic is simply excellent for business.

A potted plant in the East or at the entrance of your shop ensure continuous growth of your business.

If you are in jewelry business, make all your display cabinets curve.  This is because the gemstones and jewelry business belong to the metal element and will thus benefit hugely from the curved shape. Let traffic move in a curve fashion inside the shop. Avoid red in your decor because fire destroys metal and is not good for this business.  Earth energies, on the other hand will benefit you so do place objects made of clay and crystals.

If you are in antique business, selling Buddha and other decorative items collected from exotic places, you should be careful when handling deities and religious artifacts. Buddha for instance, and status of ethnic Gods should always be treated with respect. Remember that these are holy objects, which can carry a great deal of symbolic energy. So do place them on tables elevated at least higher than people moving around the shop.

The sleeping Buddha, for instance, should never be placed on the ground. Nothing brings greater misfortune than disrespect shown to holy objects. Since antiques gives a lot of yin energy, it will help if you create some yang energy in your shop.

Keep the shop well lighted complete with music and paint one of the walls with yang colour.

If your shop is a sovenir shop selling curious and other decorative objects made of wood, you might want to activate the wood energies of your shop. Bring in a nice bush plant. It can be artificial as long as it looks fresh and vigorous. This will greatly enhance your turnover. Place a bright light outside the entrance to create yang energy.

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